Ultraviolet Germicidal Light
Today's homes do an excellent job of sealing in heated and cooled air to improve energy efficiency. Unfortunately, airtight homes also trap contaminants - mold, bacteria, dust and pollutants - that can cause flare-ups of allergy symptoms and even trigger asthma attacks. The York Affinity Ultraviolet Germicidal Light (UVC Light) works to clean your indoor coil and prevent mold growth by destroying the DNA, thereby killing or deactivating the spores. As a result, when the York UVC Light is used in conjunction with a York high-efficiency air cleaner, the conditioned air circulating through your home is cleaner and fresher, while the inside of your system stays cleaner for maximum efficiency and performance.

Who it's for:
Designed to work with new and existing systems, the York UVC Light offers effective protection and unmatched performance for anyone wishing to reduce the number of unwanted pollutants in their home.

  • Seasonal allergy and asthma sufferers and those allergic to mold, fungus, bacteria and dust
  • Anyone concerned about airborne mold, fungus and bacteria along with dust and pollutants
  • Home owners who want to maximize the efficiency of their current heating and cooling systems

Affinity UVC Light benefits:

  • Improved indoor air quality

  • Reduced energy consumption and costs

  • Improved equipment operation with minimal maintenance

  • Cleaner, fresher air when used in conjunction with a York high-efficiency air cleaner

  • Nontoxic and safe-no ozone

  • Reduced equipment maintenance; no chemicals for coil cleaning

  • Color-changing LED indicator for light bulb replacement; easy annual replacement

How Does It Work?
The York UVC Light is reliable, nontoxic and safe. It is mounted inside your system near the indoor coil where mold and microbes may grow. Once activated, the ultraviolet light goes to work right away, cleaning the indoor coil and the air that passes through the system. The York UVC light actually destroys microbial growth for safer, more effective system performance.

A thin buildup of pollutants on your system's indoor coil, just two-thousandths of an inch thick, can reduce airflow by as much as 9 percent*.

 Consumer Brochure
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