R-410A Refrigerant
The refrigerant for a new era: R-410A.
The manufacturers of home comfort systems will be prohibited from using R-22 in 2010. As a result, most manufacturers have already begun to use the more economical and environmentally friendly R-410A. Although R-22 will still be available for existing systems, its phase out will cause its price to rise as its availability decreases. Choose a system that makes sense for your budget and comfort, as well as the environment.
Puron Refrigerant
What's a SEER and why does it matter?

January 23, 2006 marks a new era in home comfort. By Federal law, the minimum efficiency standard for newly manufactured air conditioners and heat pumps increases from 10 SEER to 13 SEER.

SEER is short for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. It's a number similar tomiles-per-gallon in cars. So the higher the SEER, the more effi cient your system. A 13 SEER system is about 30% more efficient than a 10 SEER system.

Another aspect of the new era is the environmentally friendly refrigerant, R-410A. This refrigerant is just as effective as the older R-22 refrigerant, which government regulations will gradually phase out.

Because of these changes, it pays to understand how they affect your system's performance. You'll learn why having matched and balanced components in your system directly affects your comfort, as well as how much energy you buy and use.

Why a matched system matters?

If the indoor coil is not matched with the outdoor unit, several major problems can occur with your system:

  • Capacity will not be suffi cient to keep you comfortable
  • Energy bills will increase due to reduced efficiency
  • Your manufacturer's warranty may become void
  • Reliability will suffer and compressor failure is more likely to occur

The energy efficiency of a 13 SEER system requires a larger condensing unit and indoor coil. Each unit can be as much as one-and-a-half times the size of those in a 10 SEER system. This larger size allows more thermal energy to be transferred from your home to the outside.

Just as importantly, the outdoor unit must be matched with an indoor coil that's just as efficient. Improperly matched components can put additional stress on a system, which can cause it to fail.

Also, be sure you change the lineset to allow the refrigerant to circulate properly to avoid capacity, efficiency, and reliability problems.

A qualified dealer: The final step in a perfect match

Now that you've learned how your new 13 SEER system can be a perfect match, do the same with your dealer. A qualified dealer can make sure your system is matched and installed correctly, and is efficient and economical to operate. You'll get the assurance of properly matched compressor, coils, and lineset. What's more, your dealer can recommend other ways to improve your home's comfort by better controlling humidity and indoor air quality.

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