Compact in design, Noritz tankless gas hot water heaters can be installed virtually anywhere inside or outside to maximize user convenience. Compared to traditional water heaters, these compact tankless water heaters eliminate the need for a tank to heat up the stored water supply. Water is heated at the moment of demand, instead of being heated up in a storage tank. Using Noritz residential tankless hot water heaters will supply users with hot water on-demand, every time.
Space Saving Calculation
- A typical tank-type water heater takes up 9 sq. ft. (3ft x 3ft) of space. If 1 square foot equals $200, that's $1,800 (9 sq. ft. x $200) worth of space you could be saving with a Noritz tankless hot water heater.
Types of Installations
- The design and construction of Noritz tankless water heaters keep the user in mind, conserving more space overall than a traditional tank-type water heater. Due to their small size, Noritz tankless hot water heaters are more flexible to install, indoors or outdoors, even flush mounted into a wall of your home.
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