1. Payments and Deferred Interest until January 2011 - to figure what the payments will be there is a 2% factor ( what this means is cu stomer has to pay a minimum payment with the 2% factor every month until January 2010 with no in terest, but the loan must be paid in full by January 2011. If it is not then the interest is added to lo an as of the beginning of the contract date)
  2. 12 Months no payment with Deferred Interest - Payment factor is 2% (example is no payments, no interest for 12 months but the next day after the 12 month period if loan is not paid in full the interest is put back on loan from the beginning date of the contract.
  3. Straight financing - percentage rate is 7.99% APR - 2% payment factor there is no time limit on this loan it is example: Loan is for $5,000.00 x 2% = $100.00 customer pays $100.00 every month until the loan is paid in full


90 Days or 12 Months, No Interest 0 Down, 0 Interest - Payments are required. Interest starts on the date on the contract if the finance amount is not paid off within the 90 day or 12 month "NO INTEREST" period. In terest rate is fixed for the term of the loan. On this loan there are mandatory monthly payments. There is no pre-payment penalty (this loan is set up with the interest schedule as straight fina ncing, but if it is paid off in the 12 month period finance charges will be reimbursed the time period is 1-3 below)

  1. $1500.00 - $3,000.00 for up to 36 months
  2. $3000.00 - $7,500.00 for up to 48 months
  3. $7000.00 - $15000.00 for up to 60 months

Straight Financing -
Interest 12.9% for terms of 48 - 60 Months
Interest 11.9% for terms of 24 months

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