0931 Series
0931 Series
(9.3 GAL/MIN)
Owners Manual
For our luxury line, we have the 931 series which can provide endless hot water for up to 4+ showers at a time.And with its Quick-Connect system, two units can be linked together to meet the high demand of today's luxury homes.To accommodate the higher flow rate demand, these units have a dual flame burner, a redesigned heat exchanger and 25% thicker copper piping.No other tankless water heater in its class can beat its performance, dependability, and quality. The N-0931M is for indoor/outdoor use. The N-0931M-DV is for indoor use only.ss The N-0931M-OD is for outdoor use only.
 Available in Natural Gas (NG) and Propane (LP) models only.
 Thermal Efficiency: 84%

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