0841 Series
0841 Series
(8.4 GAL/MIN)
Owners Manual
Noritz is proud to introduce our tankless condensing heaters, the next generation in tankless technology.  This innovation utilizes a dual heat exchanger - a fusion of stainless steel and copper heat exchangers.  The stainless steel component captures the residual heat from the exhaust temperature to preheat the incoming water before it runs through the main copper heat exchanger.  This results in dramatic reduction of carbon dioxide and increases the heater's efficiency level to over 93%!  Another benefit of this technology is lower exhaust temperatures, which means less costly PVC can be used for its venting.

The unit features the Turbo Flow: which can boost the output up to 11.1 GPM (@ 35o temp. rise), Quick-Connect: for 2 unit hook-up, and Multi-System: compatible up to 24 units set-up.  To help ensure the longevity of its performance, we have enclosed the heater’s commercial grade components with a corrosion-free stainless steel exterior casing, giving the look and feel of other professional grade equipment. 

The 841 series is the most versatile unit since it can be used for both residential and commercial applications.  It's the coolest and greenest tankless water heater available today.  The N-0841MC is for indoor/outdoor use.  The N-0841MC-DV is for indoor use only.
 Available in Natural Gas (NG) and Propane (LP) models only.
 Energy Factor (EF) for N-0841MC: Natural Gas 0.91, Propane 0.93
 Energy Factor (EF) for N-0841MC-DV: Natural Gas TBD, Propane TBD
 Thermal Efficiency: 93.3% (NG), 93.4% (LP)

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